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Oasis POUD Series

The Oasis POUD Series is a solid cooler with a contemporary look that offers quality, reliability and easy serviceability. Available is cold only or hot/cold combination units. Filter unit sold separately. Shipping $55.00

Bottle Quality Water without the Bottle!
Get the same bottle-quality water without all the hassle of ordering, waiting for delivery, lifting heavy bottles and storing extra bottles. Our water purifying filter systems give you that bottle quality water all the time but without the bottle disadvantages. Stop lifting bottles and go bottleless!

Our water coolers fit anywhere!
Without the bottle, water coolers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means it can fit in places never thought of by the bottle coolers. Try a counter top cooler that easily fits beneath the cabinets.

Never run out of water!
Bottles take space and run out. With a LaPure filtration system you will never run out of water, never have to pick up a bottle and never have to check the bills to match delivery charges. All our water purification systems are connected direct to your water source and use the latest in filter technology.

Hot and Cold Water Anytime!
Our water filtration systems provide both hot and cold water all day, every day. Combining these features into one space saving design keeps your office clean and organized.

Professional Onsite Services!
LaPure Water Coolers wants your water to remain the cleanest water available. Our regularly scheduled visits ensure that your system is always in top shape and performing it’s best.

Oasis POUD Water Cooler

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