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The Best Coffee starts with LaPure Filtered Water!
All of our quality automatic brewers are connected directly to an in-line water filtration system to make your coffee the best tasting coffee ever.

Thermos Style Coffee Brewer
Single pot brewer

Thermos Style Brewers

When you need portable coffee thermos style brewing we have just the machine. Our thermos style brewers are quick, easy and present a great tasting cup every time. This system is great for small kitchen style setups needing many different flavors. Brew a different pot for each flavor and place it in a display while you make the next pot. Thermos style dispensers make a flexible way of presenting multiple pots of coffee in a safe spill free environment.

Multi-pot Brewer

Multi Pot Brewers

Traditional multi-pot brewers a fast simple solution for any business needing multiple pots of coffee everyday. These systems are built tough for everyday, all day use. Fast and tankless systems provide easy reliable coffee making day in and day out. Also includes hot water dispenser for tea and cocoa.

Single Pot Brewers

Great tasting coffee is easy with a tankless single pot brewer. One piece space saving designs make this an easy fit for counter tops and limited space environments. Easy to clean and reliable 24 hour service makes this a great business grade brewer. Also includes hot water dispenser for tea and cocoa.

LaPure carries a full line of coffee blends.
If you don’t see it here we can get it for you!

  • Barrie House Roaster’s Choice
  • Avier Gourmet
  • Avier Decaf
  • Reunion Island Donutshop Blend
  • Maxwell House Master Blend
  • Maxwell House Decaf
  • Folgers Ultra Roast
  • Folgers Ultra Roast
  • Folgers Columbian Blend
  • Folgers Gourmet Supreme
  • Folgers Ultra Roast Decaf
  • Folgers Classic Decaf
  • Folgers Millstone Columbian
  • Folgers Millstone Foglifter
  • Folgers Millstone Kahula Vanilla
  • Folgers Millstone Breakfast Blend

A coffee service wouldn’t be complete without everything you need to make a great pot of coffee. LaPure will supply all the creamer, sugar, stirrers, napkins and filters along with any other condiment needed to complete your service. We also carry a complete line of Hot Chocolate, Lipton Tea and Soup Mix that can be included.


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