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Residential Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

We have combined the fantastic R.O. process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your kitchen sink. By forcing ordinary tap water against a special membrane, pure water molecules are separated from impurities. What's even more impressive is that these rejected impurities are automatically rinsed down the drain leaving the purest quality water for you that's clean, clear and delicious. We treat your water before it even gets to the R.O. membrane with our extruded activated carbon filter to increase the life of the R.O. membrane and ensure the best quality of drinking water. It provides you with an abundant supply of the highest quality water from its own attractive faucet. The R.O. and the Two-Stage Systems are adaptable to your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser.

Reverse Osmosis Multi Stage Filter System ($30 Shipping)
Residential Ro Systems
Reverse Osmosis Replacement Parts

Under Counter Multi-Stage Systems

 UNDER-COUNTER TWO-STAGE - Has two of our best filters in line together for thousands of gallons of pure water. Approximatly every 2 years remove both SCL1 filters and throw away the first one in line. Rinse of the second SCL1 filter off and place in the first filter housing in line. Place the new SCL1 filter cartridge in the second filter housing that the water flows through last. You are set for another two years.


Under Counter Two Stage

SCL1 Filter Cartridges

  • Chlorine plus lead reduction
  • 90% average chlorine reduction with 10” cartridge to 6,000 gallons with 1 PPM of chlorine
  • 90% average lead reduction with 10” cartridge to 2,500 gallons at 0.75 GPM flow
  • Cyst reduction to 99.98%
  • One micron filtration
  • Meets NSF Class turbidity reduction standards
  • 4 psid initial pressure drop at 1 GPM

Replacement Filter for SCL1
$39 Plus Shipping

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